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Be sure to complete our 8 Week Continuing Education series. You will learn so much about how the doTERRA lifestyle can change so many areas of wellness for you and those you love.
8 Week Continuing Education Classes 

When you complete all 8 classes, answer the questions in the quiz for each, place 100 PV Loyalty Rewards Orders (LRP) for two consecutive months, you will receive a wireless personal diffuser valued at $50! 

If you complete the classes, answer the quizzes and place under 100 PV you will still receive a beautiful certificate of completion and natural On Guard Sanitizing hand mist with a hand made case to make it more easily accessible. 


Week 1 - I Have My Oils, Now What?

I Have My Oils Now What Quiz

Week 2 - Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrition and Supplements Quiz 

Week 3 - Essential Oils for Every Age

Essential Oils For Every Age Quiz

Week 4 - Stress, Sleep, & Emotions

Stress, Sleep and Emotions Quiz

Week 5 - Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care Class Quiz

Week 6 - Toxin Free Living


Toxin Free Living Class Quiz

Week 7 - Women's Health & Hormones Class


Women's Health and Hormones Quiz 

Week 8 - Pain & Essential Oil


Pain and Essential Oils Quiz

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